We call rhinoplasty open to the surgical technique whose purpose is the correction of the external shape of the nose, using an external approach that allows open and directly expose the area of ​​the nose to correct. The intervention is usually performed under general anesthesia and, less frequently, under local anesthesia, in the latter case being associated with sedation and analgesia of the patient. The surgical technique requires a series of incisions in the nasal lateral wall of the inside of the nose and another one in the so-called columella that is the area that connects the nasal tip with the superior lip, which allows to expose the entire nasal pyramid in its portion Bone and cartilaginous, open air. The soft tissues are then carefully separated from the cartilaginous and bony structures and the present deformities are corrected by a variety of techniques. Once the deformities have been corrected, the bones and cartilages are placed in such a way that they adopt the most adequate position.

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